• Program Dates
    May 18-31, 2025 (two weeks) June 15-28, 2025 (two weeks)
  • Program Format
  • Location
    Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai
  • Credits
    3 Credits, 45 Contact Hours
  • Language
  • Tuition and Fees
    Tuition Fee: CNY 28,000
    Program Fee: CNY 22,000 Learn More
  • Nomination Deadline (for partner schools’ students)
    April 1, 2025
  • Application Deadline
    April 15, 2025 for May Program & May 15, 2025 for June Program

Doing Business in China Program Conducted in English

Gain a deeper understanding of China and its business landscape

Gain new insights and perspectives on economic trends and developments in China

Qualification Application Process Tuition and Fees FAQ

What You’ll Learn

The Doing Business in China (DBIC) Program provides students with the critical foundation they need to do business in or with mainland China through a combination of pre-program online coursework, China-related academic modules, company visits, guest speakers from different industries, and cultural immersion projects to help students better understand the underpinnings of China's rapid economic growth and development. The program brings world-class teaching and resources from PKU Guanghua to students through a vibrant learning environment on the beautiful PKU campus. Students will also have the opportunity to experience the unique cities of Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai firsthand.

Program Themes

  • Chinese Economy

    This theme aims to review basic economic theories on why and how China can achieve long-term sustainable economic growth. These frameworks will be used to explain China's rise in a global context, to describe its unique development path from a centrally planned regime to a market economy, and to provide useful insights into the driving forces behind China's remarkable economic achievements. Special attention is paid to the political economy and institutional aspects of China's transition, as well as to the problems associated with the current economic reforms and the potential challenges that China will face. The following topics will be covered:
    ● Demographics and Long-run Economic Growth: The Case of China
    ● How Important Is China’s Constitution in the Chinese Legal System?

  • New Technology and Business Transformation

    This theme will focus on a few topics related to the impact of technology advancement on industry development. The topics cover 
    ● Digital Marketing in China: Features and Implications
    ● Artificial Intelligence and Data from the Perspective of Digital Economy
    ● China Management – Thriving of Chinese Internet Companies and Model Innovation
    ● Understanding China’s Fintech Sector: Development, Impacts and Risks
    These sessions aim to help students understand the technology and its application to the economy, cultivate independent thinking about how technology affects various aspects of the economy and the dynamic Chinese market, and enhance analytical, communication, and decision-making skills.

Program Highlights

  • World-class teaching and resources of Peking University and well-designed program structure

  • Case discussion to engage student participation

  • Guest lecturers add a practical perspective on diverse topics
  • Comany visit to engage with industry leaders in China

  • Interaction with local students gives a chance to get a broader picture of China
  • Expand the understanding of the rich history and splendid culture
  • Experiencing three gorgeous cities in China: Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai


We seek intellectually curious students with a record of achievement inside and outside the classroom. Admission is selective.

  • Senior undergraduates, MBAs, postgraduates prestigious universities or young professionals
  • Academic aptitude for critical thinking & creativity
  • Demonstrate a strong interest in the interdisciplinary study of China and be willing to contribute to addressing global challenges and promoting cross-cultural communication
  • Determination, energy, and adaptability to drive change despite obstacles

  • Candidates are expected to have an excellent English proficiency, both written and oral

Application Process

We base our evaluation on the whole application, and we take into account factors such as student’s background, experiences, perspectives, aspirations, values, and accomplishments. There is only one round of admissions to the DBIC Englisht-taught Program. All applications should be submitted by the stated deadlines:

Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee: CNY 28,000

Early Bird Applications by January 1, 2025, enjoy 20% off tuition.

Tuition could be waived for participants from some of Guanghua partner schools. Please contact our DBIC team for more information at pku-dbic@gsm.pku.edu.cn.

Program Fee

Program Fee:  CNY 22,000 

Frequent Asked Questions

Application Process Fees Academics Visa and Pre-departure On-site
  • Is there a way to receive an admissions decision early?

      No. Due to the volume of applications received, we are not able to offer any admissions decisions before the designated notification date. Our admission committee reviews applications in a holistic manner and must review all applications to determine final admission decisions. All applicants will be notified of their admissions decision on the designated notification date. We cannot make exceptions.

  • Can the application deadline be extended?

      No. Applications must be received by the stated deadline of April 1 in order to be considered. 

  • Do applicants from previous years need to apply again for this summer? Do they need to send in all new materials for this year?

      Yes. Applicants must submit a new and complete application, including updated supplemental documents, each year.

  • What is the application process?

      1. Fill in the DBIC Online Application form and upload the required materials

      2. Receive an acceptance confirmation and welcome email from DBIC Team

      3. Receive an official admission letter from PKU Guanghua DBIC Program

      4. Pay the program fees through bank wire transfer

      5. Go to your local Chinese Embassy or Consulate to apply for a visa to China (For international passport holders)

      6. Purchase travel or accident medical treatment insurance

      7. Prepare your belongings for the DBIC Program and purchase your flight ticket

      8. Arrive in China according to the program schedule

  • Do I have to pay to go to the DBiC Program?

      DBiC will be the best summer of your life, but like any experience abroad, there are fees to pay. The full costs for this DBiC Program is CNY50,000 (Tuition: CNY28,000, Program Fee: CNY22,000).

  • Is there an application fee?

      No, there is no application fee which has been included in your tuition fee.

  • What are the payment methods?

      The fees should be paid by bank wire transfer, which is the only method used for PKU's program.

  • Does DBiC Program offer financial aid?

      No. Due to the financial policy of the program, we are not able to offer any financial aid.

  • Are the program fees refundable?

      As laid out in the Program Agreement participants sign when they join the program, fees are non-refundable. If you’re unable to go to the program for the year that you’ve paid for, send an email to explain the reasons. Depending on the circumstances, we’ll be able to roll your fees over to the following summer.

  • How do I apply for a Chinese Visa?

      International students must apply for a Chinese visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate with jurisdiction in their area. A valid passport, Admissions Letter, and visa application form issued by PKU Guanghua are part of the required documents for the visa application. DBIC Team will provide students with more detailed visa application instructions after being formally admitted to the program.

  • What should I pay attention to before applying for a visa?

      Please keep in mind that visa processing times vary, so we advise that participants apply for their visa immediately upon receiving the visa invitation letter. Please check with the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate for the required materials and visa regulations. You can contact us should additional supporting documentation be required.

  • What should I do if I have special dietary needs?

      If you have special dietary needs, please contact DBIC Team so that we can make the appropriate arrangements. We are able to accommodate most dietary requirements; however, we cannot guarantee that we can satisfy all requirements.

  • What should I do if I have special medical needs? Do you provide medical services?

      If you have special medical needs and/or allergies, please inform DBIC Team in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements. Please ensure that you have international medical and accident insurance while participating in the program, and bring sufficient amounts of any medication you must take. We suggest you go to an appropriate hospital if you need medical services during the program.

PKU Guanghua School of Management Doing Business in China Program

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